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There are many brilliant students who performed well but they have to quite the study because they have not sufficient financial resources to enroll for higher study. That’s why Knack Study Scholarship is providing Study Scholarships to students so that they could enroll for higher study not only in the country but also abroad. Our Study Scholarship includes the tuition fee plus accommodation charges becoming a great benefit for societies.


The Knack study scholarship prefers the brilliant students both locally and internationally. The students who want to enter study sessions or already have entered the college or university can apply for our Study Scholarships.


$1000 – $3000

Minimum Requirements

Both local and international students enrolling for fall or winter session can apply for Study Scholarships. The numbers of scholarships are limited, so we will shortlist the student to award the scholarship.


The student must have more than 3.0 CGPA to apply for our Study Scholarships.


The students must have got the admission acceptance from the respective college or university.


Students who have already got the financial grant or scholarship from any organization can also apply for our Study Scholarship.


The successful scholarships are awarded to the student on very competitive level. We analyze all applications and submitted data such as, high school certificates, and SAT or ACT grades.


The application for Knack Study Scholarships is only available at our portal to fill and submit.


Student Citizenship

Local or international citizen who really need the financial resources to continue higher studies. International students must have the valid passport and visa if they want to study abroad.


The students must have overall more than 3.0 GPA to be eligible for our Knack Study Scholarship.

Personal writing letter

They must attach a letter explaining their study goals or future objectives.


Students who are the part of any innovative program or have completed any program successfully will be preferred. The innovative program may be any productive program to bring improvements in society.


Must submit an essay on a particular project and provide supporting documentation.


The essay, idea, or creation must be the applicant’s original work.


All submissions must be uploaded no later than 11:59 pm PST on the 31st of December 2022 (fall January).


We will send Study Scholarship acceptance to the selected students via email. They must acknowledge the scholarship within 4 working days. In case the student is unable to communicate on said deadlines or do not reply, another student will be selected for award the Knack Study Scholarship.

Knack Study Scholarship


Complete scholarship application form

Copies of transcripts/diplomas

Copy of passport/ID

CV (Curriculum Vitae)/Resume  (If any).

Copy of admission letter received from the corresponding university.

Attach all documents in Pdf form.