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Emily Browning is a well-known actress who goes by the name Emily Jane Browning. She was born in the United States on December 7, 1988. Emily Jane Browning began her career as an actress in 1998 when she was just ten years old.

She rapidly rose to prominence in her field in a short period of time, inspiring people through her work and gaining a great deal of fame. Her career came full circle after a while, when she grew in popularity.

Emily Jane Browning became well-known in her home country of Australia, as well as in other countries, as a result of her success.

 Emily BrowningWho is she?

Emily Jane Browning is an Australian actress that plays films like ‘Sleeping Beauty and ‘Ghost Ship.’ She was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at a young age. Then at age of 9 she sponsored the Australian family drama “The Thunder Echo.”

Her work made her popular, and then she acted in a couple of TV shows. She then finally played the leading cast’s daughter in the comedy film The Man Who Sued God. The movie was an enormous success.

Then she starred on an alien brush submarine in the horror film ‘Ghost Ship.’ The success in the American psychological horror film “The Uninvited” is another important achievement in her career. She represented a girl who was exploited sexually and released in the film from a psychiatric hospital.

Her role in the romantic film “Sleeping Beauty” has been recognized internationally. The movie she played was an enormous success. Browning’s success was also highly regarded. In her American Greek movie “Golden Exits,” she played a leading role.

Early and Childhood life

Emily Browning was born on 7 December 1988 to Andrew and Shelley Browning in Melbourne, Victoria. His two younger brothers are Nicholas and Matthew.

She studied at Hurstbridge Learning Co-op, however at Eltham High School. She played a school and was noticed by a parent of her friend who helped her in her film career.

Main Programs

Emily Browning made her big screen debut in the 2001 Australian comedy film ‘The Man Who Sued God.’ Mark Joffe directed the movie and told the storey of a man whose freshwater fishing boat is sunk. After he has been denied for his benefits since his boat was sunk due to the “act of God,” he files an action against God-making Church leaders serve Him. The film was a commercial success and was favourably examined by critics.

Another important work in her career is Emily Browning’s 2009 psychological horror film, “The Uninvited.” The film was a remake of the Guard Brothers’ ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ film from South Korea. The plot revolves around Anna, a Browning mentally unwell woman. Her life gets harder after she is hospitalized for months from a psychiatric institution, due to a suicide attempt. On the box office, the film performed well and received positive reviews.

Browning’s performance is one of her most significant films in the movie “Sleeping Beauty.” Julia Leigh was the film’s editor. Browning stars in the film as a student at a university who does a part-time job that pays well but has to sleep nude with rich men. The film was produced by the book: The House of the Sleeping Beaties and My Melancholy Whores. It was a business success, but the main reception was mixed.

Achievements & Awards

In 2002, Emily Browning won the Australian Film Institute Prize for the minor role in ‘Halifax f.p.: playing God’ tv series. She was again rewarded for her role in the film “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Incidents.”

She won the Breakthrough Performer award at the Hamptons International Film Festival in 2011 for her outstanding performance in the film “Sleeping Beauty.”

How much is Emily Browning’s Net Worth and Salary?

Emily Browning’s net worth is reportedly around $8 million as of 2019. With a career since childhood, it is no wonder how she has accumulated a considerable richness from her work for the betterment. Since the actress began acting in music and film, Browning has made a big amount for her roles on television and on stage.

For now, her pay is not disclosed, but Browning certainly receives as an Australian actress a minimum of $1,605 per week. In Australia, too, an actor’s average salary is $32.84 an hour. Thus Emily has her parts in over 3 dozen films and television shows, which have helped her gather a great deal of money.

In addition, Emily Browning may have drawn an extra paycheck from her ads and other public programmes. She made a good fortune from her career in music, too.

Her film Ghost Ship raised 68.3 million dollars, Darkness Falls raised 47.5 million dollars at the box office. The Host grossed $63.3 million, while Pompeii grossed $117.8 million, compared to a budget of $80-100 million.

Is Emily Browning Dating Currently? Who is her mate?

There are many fan followers who really are curious to know what is happening with Emily’s love life. As a famous actress, she always paid attention and attention to her personal stuff.

Browning is reportedly dating Eddie O’Keefe, according to Browning’s Instagram post. But Emily and her boyfriend have not opened up their dating business to the media explicitly. Emily and her boyfriend also exchange photos of each other. They look like they are waiting to reveal their love lives at the right moment. Emily Browning also posted a photo via Instagram on 25 July 2017 and wished him a nice title on her birthday. It demonstrates that they are both together for a long time and spend some productive time together. They both have not officially unveiled any plans for a wedding.

Emily dated Max Turner in 2007 in the past. However, for three years the pair enjoyed their relationship and split up in 2010. Then in 2011, she began to date Max Irons, but in 2012 they broke up. Later on, in 2012 Emily became involved with Xavier Samuel. The pair shared their partnership only for several years and were finally divorced for private reasons in 2015.

Social Media Emily Browning (Instagram, Twitter)

Browning is also popular on social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram, besides being a renowned actress. She also updates her Twitter to let her fans know about her interests and her activities. She has over 190K followers on her Instagram official site.

Facts Emily Browning

  • She noticed her love of action when she arrived at school at the age of eight. • She once said that she studied American accent when she watched Sesame Street as a child in 1969.
  • In 2010, she ranked at number 28 on the yearly list of the 100 best known celebrities in the world.
  • In 2011, Emily ranked T NUMBER 90 of FHM Australia’s ‘100 Most Sexy Women in the World.’
  • She has a cat of Jasper and a dog called Roxy.
  • She diluted her blonde hair for months and was weighed, fighting and armed with Sucker Punch (2011).
  • In 2011, she was called the number 4 on the Independent Critics’ List of the hundred most beautiful faces.
  • Emily plays Laura Moon in the American Fantasy TV series Essie MacGowan.
  • Her full name is Emily Jane Browning.
  • She announced in an interview to Comic-Con where she would sing in the movie, saying that her audit tape brings a tear to the eye of her caster agent and her chosen song (“Killing Me Softly”) was one of Deborah’s favourites, Zack Snyder’s wife.
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Celeb Biographies

Everything You Need to Know About Violet Summers

Violet Summers

Who is Violet Summers? Violet Summers is an American model and actress best known for her Instagram account the same name. In her Instagram images, she often wears lingerie or swimwear. According to Famous Birthdays, she began modeling when she was 17 years old.

Violet was born on November 28, 1999, in Texas, Texas, United States. Violet Summers will be 21 years old in 2021. We can find more details about Violet Summers below. Violet Summers’ profile, wiki, age, birthday, family information, affairs, boyfriend, scandals, rumours, lesser-known facts, violet summers movies and more will be addressed on this list.

Violet Summers’ Date of Birth and Family Details

Violet Summers was born on November 28, 1999, in Texas, Texas, in the United States. Violet Summers’ father and mother are both named NA.

Violet Summers’ Professional Life

Violet Summers began her career as a model, and her Instagram images often feature lingerie or swimwear. Her Instagram account has over 3.4 million followers. She has since pursued a career in acting in addition to modelling. was her Instagram handle and violetsummers for Twitter.


Violet Summers was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on November 28, 1999, but she grew up in Texas. The West Coast native has maintained a low profile when it comes to her upbringing and background. On the other hand, Violet was a competitive cheerleader and dancer who spent a lot of time outside as a child.

Violet has over 8.2 million Instagram followers, 989,000 Instagram followers on her backup site, 181,000 TikTok followers, and 480,000 Twitter followers as of October 2020. Violet Summers does not have a YouTube channel of her own.

Violet began her career as an adult film actress when she was very young. The five-foot-two-inch actress rose to fame after uploading sexy and seductive images on the photo-sharing site Instagram. She has amassed millions of followers since launching her account and continues to grow her online brand.

In April 2020, the adult film actress was named the Penthouse Pet of the Month. For the adult film star, it was one of her first big breaks on social media. In the same year, she was featured in Penthouse Magazine.

Violet has a Nudiez subscription-based profile in addition to her social media accounts. You can track her on social media, tip her, and pay to gain access to exclusive material that is too racy for social media. Violet enjoys several hobbies outside of adult film, including collecting cool shoes (she considers herself a sneakerhead), tacos, acting, and more.

Body Measurements, Age, and Height

In the year 1999, this beautiful model was born. She will be 20 years old in 2020, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Violent is a vigilante, articulate, and imaginative, just as her sign suggests. Every year on November 28, this lady celebrates her birthday.

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Summers is a devout Christian, which should come as no surprise. This beautiful model, who stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall, is a model. Although this isn’t the perfect height for a model, doesn’t talent always count?

Until now, this beautiful young lady has yet to date a handsome showbiz celebrity. Perhaps her age prevents her from dating anyone right now, or perhaps she has a crush on someone and is waiting for him to make a move. Whatever the case may be, her fans are pleased to see her happy.

Violet Summers’ net worth is unknown.

Without a question, modeling and acting are two careers that pull in a lot of cash. If you’re Violet, money comes from all directions. Summers is expected to have a net worth of around $700,000 in 2020. Ad promotions, brand sponsorship, marketing, and other projects are her primary sources of revenue. She also makes guest appearances on television programs. Despite this, there is no credible information on her earnings or assets. We will have more information as soon as possible.

In conclusion

Violet Summers is a sexy and explicit Instagram model best known for her sexy and explicit images. The young adult film actress was born in Arizona and raised in Texas, where she spent her free time cheerleading and dancing. The actress began her career at a young age, gaining fame by sharing sultry and seductive images on Instagram.

Violet has been named Penthouse Pet of the Month for April 2020 after expanding her Instagram account to millions of followers. That year, the actress was featured in the magazine. Violet Summers is a model who has inspired many women to be confident in their skin. This is the reason, people are curious about violet summers naked. However, she shares it on her social media accounts.

This woman is a well-known actress and model who specializes in bikini, lingerie, and other casual wear photoshoots. She has amassed a large following on Instagram over the last few years.

The rumour about violet summers illness has no reality.

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