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September Quotes and Sayings

September Quotes

The first day of September is may not be easy. Especially for students as September is an unofficially start of the year. After the full packed vacations and holidays enjoy, students are back to school.

September invites the beginning of fall; leaves are changing colors. So, everyone is going back to being busy. It’s also a chance to meet new plans and set new goals.

So, we are here with inspirational September Quotes!

“The breezes taste

Of apple peel.

The air is full

Of smells to feel-

Ripe fruit, old footballs,

Burning brush,

New books, erasers,

Chalk, and such.

The bee, his hive,

Well-honeyed hum,

And Mother cuts


Like plates washed clean

With suds, the days

Are polished with

A morning haze” John Updike, September

“But now in September the garden has cooled, and with it my possessiveness. The sun warms my back instead of beating on my head … The harvest has dwindled, and I have grown apart from the intense midsummer relationship that brought it on” Robert Finch

“Tis the last rose of summer,

Left blooming alone;

All her lovely companions

Are faded and gone” Thomas Moore, The Last Rose of Summer, 1830

September Quotes

“Departing summer hath assumed

An aspect tenderly illumed,

The gentlest look of spring;

That calls from yonder leafy shade

Unfaded, yet prepared to fade,

A timely caroling” William Wordsworth, September

“Equal dark, equal light

Flow in Circle, deep insight

The transformation of energy!

So it flows, out it goes

Three-fold back it shall be

Blessed Be, Blessed Be

The transformation of energy!” Night An’Fey, Transformation of Energy

“Smoke hangs like haze over harvested fields,

The gold of stubble, the brown of turned earth

And you walk under the red light of fall

The scent of fallen apples, the dust of threshed grain

The sharp, gentle chill of fall.

Here as we move into the shadows of autumn

The night that brings the morning of spring

Come to us, Lord of Harvest

Teach us to be thankful for the gifts you bring us” Autumn Equinox Ritual

September Quotes

“Alas, that my heart is a lute,

Whereon you have learned to play!

For a many years it was mute,

Until one summer’s day

You took it, and touched it, and made it thrill,

And it thrills and throbs, and quivers still!” Anne Barnard, My Heart is a Lute, 1815

“Sorrow and scarlet leaf,

Sad thoughts and sunny weather.

Ah me, this glory and this grief

Agree not well together!”Thomas Parsons, 1880, A Song For September

“Lord, it is time. The summer was very big. Lay thy shadow on the sundials, and on the meadows let the winds go loose. Command the last fruits that they shall be full; give them another two more southerly days, press them on to fulfillment and drive the last sweetness into the heavenly wine” Rainer Maria Rilke

“Blessed be the Lord for the beauty of summer and spring, for the air, the water, the verdure, and the song of birds” Carl von Linnaeus

“Try to remember the kind of September

When life was slow and oh so mellow

When grass was green and grain so yellow

Try to remember the kind of September

When you were a young and a callow fellow

Try to remember and if you remember

Then follow–follow, oh-oh” Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

“Shine on, shine on harvest moon

Up in the sky,

I ain’t had no lovin’

Since January, February, June or July

Sno Time ain’t no time to stay

Outdoors and spoon,

So shine one, shine on harvest noon

For me and my gal” By Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth, 1903

September Quotes

“September twenty-second, Sir, the bough cracks with unpicked apples,

and at dawn the small-mouth bass breaks water, gorged with spawn” Robert Lowell

“Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always

been the two most beautiful words in the English language” Henry James

“In the garden, Autumn is, indeed the crowning glory of the year, bringing us the fruition of months of thought and care and toil.

And at no season, safe perhaps in Daffodil time, do we get such superb colour effects as from August to November” Rose G. Kingsley, The Autumn Garden, 1905

“By all these lovely tokens

With summer’s best of weather

And autumn’s best of cheer” Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885

“Summer ends now; now, barbarous in beauty, the

Stooks arise

Around; up above, what wind-walks! what

lovely behavior

Of silk-sack clouds! Has wilder, willful-waiver

Meal-drift molded ever and melted across skies?” Gerard Manly Hopkins, Hurrahing in Harvest, 1918

“The foliage has been losing its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf

shows itself like the first gray hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many” Oliver Wendell Holmes

“Crown’d with the sickle, and the sheaten sheaf,

While Autumn, nodding o’er the yellow plain,

Comes jovial on” James Thomson, Autumn, 1730

September Quotes


Effort, and


Trying your best

Each hour of the day,

Making new friends,

Being good as you can

Exciting discoveries,

Reading books with a friend” BoniFulgham

“Under the harvest moon,

When the soft silver

Drips shimmering

Over the garden nights,

Death, the gray mocker,

Comes and whispers to you

As a beautiful friend

Who remembers” Carl Sandburg, Under the Harvest Moon

“September: it was the most beautiful of words, he’d always felt, evoking orange-flowers, swallows, and regret”Alexander Theroux, 1981

“Further in Summer than the Birds

Pathetic from the Grass

A minor Nation celebrates

Its unobtrusive Mass.

No Ordinance be seen

So gradual the Grace

A pensive Custom it becomes

Enlarging Loneliness” Emily Dickinson

September Quotes

“The air is different today

the wind sings with a new tone

sighing of changes


the harvest gathered

a flower, a nut

some mead, and bread

a candle and a prayer

returning the fruits

in thanksgiving

to the grove

and receiving

it’s blessing

again” Rhawk, Alban Elfed

“Our fear of death is like our fear that summer will be short, but when we have had our swing of pleasure, our fill of fruit,

and our swelter of heat, we say we have had our day” John Donne, 1620

“Spring scarce had greener fields to show than these

Of mid September; through the still warm noon

The rivulets ripple forth a gladder tune

Than ever in the summer; from the trees

Dusk-green, and murmuring inward melodies,

No leaf drops yet; only our evenings swoon

In pallid skies more suddenly, and the moon

Finds motionless white mists out on the leas” Edward Dowden, In September

September Quotes

“I grow old, I grow old,’ the garden says. It is nearly October. The bean leaves grow paler, now lime, no yellow, no leprous, dissolving before my eyes. The pods curl and do not grow, turn limp and blacken. The potato vines wither and the tubers huddle underground in their rough weather-proof jackets, waiting to be dug. The last tomatoes ripen and split on the vine; it takes days for them to turn fully now, and a few of the green ones are beginning to fall off” Robert Finch

“The Druids call this celebration, Mea’nFo’mhair, and honor the Green Man, the God of the Forest, by offering libations to trees. Offerings of ciders, wines, herbs and fertilizer are appropriate at this time…. Mabon is considered a time of the Mysteries. It is a time to honor Aging Deities and the Spirit World….” Mabon by Akasha

“For summer there, bear in mind, is a loitering gossip, that only begins to talk of leaving when September rises to go” George Washington Cable

“The goldenrod is yellow

The corn is turning brown

With fruit are bending down” Childrens song

“Indian summer

the old cat shares

her corner of the deck” JamesChessing

“In that open field

If you do not come too close, if you do not come too close,

On a summer midnight, you can hear the music

Of the weak pipe and the little drum

And see them dancing around the bonfire

The association of man and woman

In daunsinge, signifying matrimonie” A dignified and commodiois sacrament.

“All your renown is like the summer flower that blooms and dies; because the sunny glow which brings it forth, soon slays with parching power” Dante Alighieri

September Quotes

“Have a good time, but remember,

There is dander in the summer moon above.

Will I see you in September

Or loose you to a summer love” S. Wayne and S. Edwards, 1959 song lyrics

“What a pity flowers can utter no sound!—A singing rose, a whispering violet, a murmuring honeysuckle … oh, what a rare and exquisite miracle would these be!” Henry Ward Beecher

“September morn

Do you remember how we danced that night away

Two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play

September morning still can make me feel this way” Neil Diamond and Gilbert Becaud

September Quotes

“Happy we who can bask in this warm September sun, which illumines all creatures, as well when they rest as when they toil, not without a feeling of gratitude; whose life is as blameless, how blameworthy soever it may be, on the Lord’s Mona-day as on his Suna-day” Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862

“All good things vanish in less than a day,

Peace, plenty, pleasure, suddenly decay

Go not yet away, bright soul of the sad year,

The earth is hell when you leav’st to appear” Thomas Nash, Summer’s Last Will and Testament, 1600

“The true beloveds of this world are in their lover’s eyes lilacs opening, ship lights, school bells, a landscape, remembered conversations, friends, a child’s Sunday, lost voices, one’s favorite suit, autumn and all seasons, memory, yes, it being the earth and water of existence, memory” Truman Capote

“I trust in Nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and Autumn garner to the ends of time” Robert Browning

“The winter is forbidden till December

And exits March the Second, on the dot.

By order, summer lingers through September,

In Camelot.

Camelot, Camelot!

I know it sounds a bit bizarre,

But in Camelot, Camelot,

That’s how conditions are” Camelot, Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner

“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost” Heny Rollins

September Quotes

“But now in September the garden has cooled, and with it my possessiveness. The sun warms my back instead of beating on my head … The harvest has dwindled, and I have grown apart from the intense midsummer relationship that brought it on” Robert Finch

“In short, a bad Sunday of September, in September of that traitor who let you go a big wave passed upon him, like a gunshot between the prickly pears” Giovanni Verga

“We awoke one morning in September, and the world lurched on its axis” Jeb Bush

“A little-known Irish festival called Garland Sunday was observed on the first Sunday in September, and still is celebrated in some parts of western rural Ireland” Edain McCoy

“Wiccans celebrate Mabon (pronounced may-bun or mah-bon) on the actual date of the fall equinox. The date differs year to year, and falls around September 22” Diane Smith

“In the Roman calendar there were only ten months – the 7th to 10th being September to December as their names suggest. It was only later when July and August (Julius and Augustus Caesar) were added that they became out of sequence” Chris Woods

“September comes from the Latin word septem, meaning “seven,” because it was the seventh month of the early Roman calendar” Janice Stillman

September Quotes

“But when fall comes, kicking summer out on its treacherous ass as it always does one day sometime after the midpoint of September, it stays awhile like an old friend that you have missed. It settles in the way an old friend will settle into your favorite chair and take out his pipe and light it and then fill the afternoon with stories of places he has been and things he has done since last he saw you” Stephen King

“That old September feeling, left over from school days, of summer passing, vacation nearly done, obligations gathering, books and football in the air … Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee in that annual autumnal beginning, as if last year’s mistakes had been wiped clean by summer’ Wallace Stegner

“Late September holds onto the summer / like that promise you made / you can never forget” Kurt PhiliopBehm

“I remember one September

Light as thistledown or feather

Long with love we strayed together

Though September blows no ember

Into flame for you this season

Yet ’tis neither rhyme nor reason” Roderic Quinn

September Quotes

“Some crimson poppy of a late delight / Atoning in its splendor for the flight / Of summer blooms and joys / This is September” Lucy Maud Montgomery

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Everyday Life Quotes

Tuesday Quotes

tuesday quotes

This collection of beautiful Tuesday quotes is really great to say hello to a new workday in the middle of week. In case, you are moving to the Monday blue to Tuesday, you can enjoy a lot of motivational quotes to use this day.

The Tuesday is a famous and important day in the God of War. Rather than showing displeasure to it, think about huge opportunities this day to realize great success and do big jobs.

Some of the following Tuesday quotes are funny, thankful and thoughtful, and other quotes are very inspirational for you. You’ll have great cool breeze of strength and inspiration to deal with the challenges in this day. Check out these Tuesday quotes at EpicPhrase and also don’t forget to share these quotes with your friends and family.

Beautiful Tuesday Quotes

“Fenugreek, Tuesday’s spice, when the air is green like mosses after rain.” Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, The Mistress of Spices

beautiful tuesday quotes

“Thinking about happy times on a Tuesday is like going to the beach when there is no sun.” Alain Bremond-Torrent

“Tuesday just called and wants to know what happened to Friday!!” Neil Leckman

tuesday quotes funny

“Get creative and be open-minded on Tuesday. There are so many hobbies nowadays and so many ways in which to discover them.” Katharine Coggeshall

Monday always passes and there will always be a Tuesday with a beautiful blue sky with few clouds.” Unknown

tuesday quotes for work

“In college, you had to worry about that math class or this exam that’s coming up on Tuesday, but not in the professionals.” Cam Newton

Tuesday Quotes for Friends

Good Morning Tuesday! Wishing you a blooming great day!” Unknown

thoughtful tuesday quotes

“Good morning Tuesday! Please enter and pour out that shower of blessings into our lives, renew our spirits, our strength, our faith, and our hope.” Unknown

“Why does February feel like one big Tuesday?” Todd Stocker

“I don’t want it good. I want it Tuesday.” Jack Warner

tuesday quotes on work

“Make a difference, it is Tuesday and I’m going to have an awesome day.”

tuesday quotes

Tuesday Funny Quotes

“He couldn’t believe it was only Wednesday. And it was made worse when he realized it was actually Tuesday.” T.J. Klune

“Now the world had narrowed down to this: Tuesday hated Cecelia and Cecelia hated it back.” K.A. Reynolds

“Creativity is a highfalutin word for the work I have to do between now and Tuesday.” Ray Kroc

thankful tuesday quotes

“Tuesday’s are really just Monday’s dressed in their Sunday best.” Unknown

tuesday motivational quotes

“Ah, Tuesday. The day to remember all the things I didn’t get done on Monday- and push them off until Wednesday.” Unknown

“A Tuesday after a three day weekend is like a double-whammy Monday!” Unknown

tuesday inspirational quotes

“Tuesday is my second favorite day of the week to put off everything until later in the week.” Unknown

“TUESDAY – I can’t even see the weekend from here.” Unknown

tuesday quotes and images

“I went out there for a thousand a week, and I worked Monday, and I got fired Wednesday. The guy that hired me was out of town Tuesday.” Nelson Algren

“Tuesday: The day after Monday that reminds you that you still have four more days of not trying to slap a fellow co-worker.” Unknown

“Tuesday is the day I actually start the week, Monday I just deal with the depression of the weekend ending.” Unknown

Chooseday Tuesday Quotes

“It’s TUESDAY! And since it’s CHOOSE DAY: Choose to Smile, Choose to be Happy, Choose to Love, Choose to Bless, Choose to be a Blessing, Choose to be Humble, Choose to be Patient, and Choose to be Kind.” Unknown

“On this Tuesday, remember that an attitude is contagious so remember to have a good one.” Unknown

“Happy Tuesday. Don’t worry Friday is coming.” Unknown

“Tuesday is a huge day.” Ian Mcdougal

“Happy Tuesday! Having even one, small positive thought can change the rest of your day for the better.” Unknown

“Let ‘s play on Sunday, let’s go on Monday, let ‘s come on Tuesday, feel pressured, feel busy, and have less greetings, but my greetings have n’t diminished. I’m the most true, I hope you.”

Tuesday Quotes for Work

“If you love the work you are doing, then you will love Tuesday!” Catherine Pulsifer

“Not having goals is like having no idea where you want to go when you step up to an airline counter to buy a ticket on Tuesday.” Les Brown

“Tuesday is my favorite day of the week for work. That’s cleaning day.” Jim Miller

“Tuesdays are a chance for a new beginning and a new perspective, so make them count.” Unknown

“A fresh start, a clean slate, and a lot of potential for great things to come. That is what Tuesdays really are.” Unknown

“Challenge your mind on a Tuesday with these Tricky Riddles.”

“Tuesday is the affirmation that my goals are being moved another step forward.” Byron Pulsifer

Thoughtful Tuesday Quotes

“Tuesday morning is a time to reflect upon the words you use; are they positive filled words; are they words that inspire others, make them count.” Byron Pulsifer

“With greater confidence in yourself and your abilities, you will set bigger goals, make bigger plans and commit yourself to achieving objectives that Tuesday you only dream about.” Brian Tracy

“Tuesday’s child is full of grace.” Unknown

“We concentrate so much on anniversaries and birthdays that you forget it’s the Tuesday that’s tough that really counts. It’s the regular days of the year that you have to keep your attention on it.” BJ the Chicago Kid

“Silence is the invisibility of talking. I’d take half an argument over half a silence any day. And I’d take peace and quiet over a full-blown argument any other day unless it’s Tuesday.” Will Advise

“Tuesday isn’t so bad…It’s a sign that I’ve somehow survived Monday.” Unknown

Thankful Tuesday Quotes

“You may have heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s another day you might want to know about: Giving Tuesday.” Bill Gates

“It is thankful Tuesday. I’m breathing. I’m alive. I’m blessed. God is good.”

“Be thankful Tuesday, home, family, food, education, friends, safety, faith, love freedom, health and employment.”

“Thankful Tuesday, today I’ll embrace each and every precious moment as it comes.. with pure thoughts of joy peace and happiness and an open heart full of love.” Rabz

“Thankful for Tuesday and every day that brings the promise of new beginnings of clean slates, fresh starts, dreams to realize, goals to achieve and live to live.”

Awesome Tuesday Quotes

“Tuesday is one of my favorite days; it is the day offered to community service to recognize and meet the needs of others who are unable to do so.” Byron Pulsifer

“Tuesday is a good day, you survived Monday. And tomorrow is Wednesday, half way through your week!” Kate Summers

“Three positive facts are obvious on Tuesday: Tomorrow allows me another day to demonstrate my worthiness; it is yet another day to influence those around me with encouragement to handle their own trials; and, it is my day to celebrate each small victory of yesterday.” Byron Pulsifer

“Tuesday is a day to remember that you are responsible and accountable for each word you speak so make each expression one to be celebrated not castigated.” Byron Pulsifer

“My feelings of accomplishment leftover from the day before allowing my Tuesdays as a testament to my children that each day brings its own rewards for a job well done.” Byron Pulsifer

“How would your Tuesday be different if you conducted yourself with complete love and consideration?” Byron Pulsifer

This collection of awesome Tuesday quotes is a great way to raise your spirits, to bring smiles in face, and to provide a good source of good thought! Happy Tuesday.

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Everyday Life Quotes

Monday Quotes

Monday Quotes

In start of every week, you may have to face similar problem, a Monday. At this day, you do not want to hear the alarm. Regardless of whatever you have done – yoga on every morning, getting inspiration from motivational quotes and inspiration quotes, but still you do not want to start this day. But, you can take the Monday as a gateway of opportunities rather than an awful day.

It provides you an opportunity to start again. Possibly, there may be many things to do for you that you may not be able to complete within a week. But, exactly in the next week, you can complete your all tasks.

This Monday can be the start of that week when you will be a successful one. It can be a cheerful week for you. Just get up this Monday and read some Happy Monday Quotes and Good Morning Monday Quotes, and get started towards success. To make your work more energetic, read some Inspirational Quotes to Start the Week as well at EpicPhrase.

Monday Quotes

“Candy is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.” Rebecca Gober

“New moon on Monday

And a fire dance through the night

I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite.” Duran

Monday Quotes

“Sunday morning my head is bad. But it’s worth all the times I had. But I’ve got to go and get some rest. For Monday is a mess!” Dave Bartholomew, Blue Monday

“There are no miracles on Mondays.” Amy Neftzeger

“Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in on Monday.” Napoleon Bonaparte

Happy Monday Quotes

“So. Monday. We meet again. We will never be friends-but maybe we can move past our mutual enmity toward a more-positive partnership.” Julio Alexi Genao

“I must break the routines and become a person who becomes productive every Monday. I must break the mindset of unhappiness and turn myself into a happy magnet for Mondays.” Leggy Saul

“On Monday, whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Happy Monday Henry Ford

Happy Monday Quotes

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures during previous week, learn from them and start again on Monday. Happy Monday.” Richard Branson

“Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations on Monday in advance of the week. Happy Monday.” Brian Tracy

“The starting point of all achievement that you want in this week is desire.” Happy Monday Napoleon Hill

Amazing Monday Quotes

“Try not to become a person of success on Monday, but rather try to become a person of value.” Albert Einstein

“If you don’t pay appropriate attention on Monday to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention than it deserves throughout the week.” David Allen

“Spend eighty percent of your time on Monday focusing on the opportunities of the week rather than the problems of the week.” Brian Tracy

Amazing Monday Quotes

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing … is not starting something on Monday.” Seth Godin

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started on Monday. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one from Monday.” Mark Twain

Monday Quotes Funny

Good morning, keep calm and pretend it’s not Monday.”

“Monday is like a match problem. Add the invitation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.”

“Dear Monday

I want to break up

I’m seeing Tuesday and

Dreaming about Friday

Sincerely, it’s not me, it’s you.”

Monday Quotes Funny


The moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.”


Going to sleep on Sunday will cause Monday.

Please note that staying awake all night does not prevent Monday.

There is no cure.”

“What about Monday? That could be our one day we look at things the same way, and wear funny shoes.” Kevin Dalton

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun on Monday in what they are doing.” Dale Carnegie

“Shoot for the moon on Monday. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Brian Littrell

Funny Monday Morning Quotes for Work

“Good morning, Facebook friends and family. It’s Monday, the beginning of the week. I can already tell that it’s going to be a long day, but I’m not going to let anything or anyone mess up my day. I’m definitely going to make the best of my day. On that note hope, everyone has a great day!”

“Don’t dislike Monday. It’s a nice start to the rest of the week. Treat it fine, it will treat you fine too. If you have a positive attitude, the world is sure to delight you.”

“Monday morning: hate it or love it. It’s just another day to rock on till the break of dawn.”

Funny Monday Morning Quotes for Work

“That not so awkward and awesome moment when you realize it’s the start of the work week, and everyone else is working but you.”

“Don’t you just love feeling fresh and full of life on a Monday! I pity the fools waking up with a hangover.”

“Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up & chase them. Good Morning Monday.” Kristin, Sophisticated Gal

“Monday mornings are tough only for those people, who don’t know how to spend them cheerfully. Get up and have fun today!” Unknown

“Start where you are on Monday. Use what you have on Monday. Do what you can on Monday.” Arthur Ashe

Good Morning Monday Quotes

“Monday morning you sure look fine.” Lindsey Buckingham

“Your Monday morning thoughts set the tone for your whole week. See yourself getting stronger, and living a fulfilling, happier and healthier life.” Germany Kent

“Monday, Monday, so good to me; Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be.” John Phillips

Good Morning Monday Quotes

“This is your Monday morning reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you.” Unknown

“When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love… Marcus Aurelius”

“Monday morning is an important time of week; because how you will spend your week can often tell you what kind of week you will go to have.” Lemony Snicket

Inspirational Quotes to Start the Week

“Hey, I know it’s Monday. But it’s also a new day and a new week. And in that lies a new opportunity for something special to happen.” Michael Ely

“Mondays are the start of the work week which offer new beginnings 52 times a year!” David Dweck

Inspirational Quotes to Start the Week

“It’s Monday. Get a new perspective. Whatever obstacle you’re facing-it’s not permanent.” Unknown

“This should be the spirit every Monday. Know that something good will always happen.” Gabriel Garc­a Mrquez

“Just one small positive thought in the Monday morning can change your whole week.” Dalai Lama

“Start following effective actions from Monday with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” Peter Drucker

Magic Monday Quotes

“You are in control. Never allow your Monday to be manic.” Andrea L’Artiste

Magic Monday Quotes

“Mondays are the potholes in the road of life.” Tom Wilson

“Be miserable or motivate yourself on Monday. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” Wayne Dyer

“You don’t have to be great to start on Monday, but you have to start to be great.” Zig Ziglar

“You may have to fight a battle on Monday more than once to win it.” Margaret Thatcher

“If you don’t design your own life plan on Monday, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. ” Jim Rohn

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Everyday Life Quotes

January Quotes

January Quotes

You may like January because of the excitement of the upcoming holidays. And someone may not like January because he has to start once again in the sense of going to work again, going to school again and above all, starting a new calendar again. January Quotes

January appear again and again every year in the same as a train appear according to the schedule – no matter this moment offers us a fresh relief or speed up us to make a new start. We all have to go along January (train) because we have to leave the statin (last year).

There are many special features about January. For example, it has a top position in calendar and includes many things that some people like or dislike. Here, we are presenting some January Quotes to reflect most of January’s features . We hope, they will give you a new start and motivation in the start of year .

January Quotes

“I blink January’s lashes
and gush down December’s cheeks” Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

“Lots of people go mad in January. Not as many as in May, of course. Nor June. But January is your third most common month for madness.” Karen Joy Fowler, Sarah Canary

January Themed Quotes

“We spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives . . . not looking for flaws, but for potential.” Ellen Goodman

January Themed Quotes

“January was a two-faced month, jangling like jester’s bells, crackling like snow crust, pure as any beginning, grim as an old man, mysteriously familiar yet unknown, like a word one can almost but not quite define.” Patricia Highsmith

“January? The month is dumb. It is fraudulent. It does not cleanse itself.” Anne Sexton

“January brings the snow,
Makes our feet and fingers glow.”
Sara Coleridge

Motivational January Quotes

“Let January open with joy in the Lord, and December close with gladness in Jesus.” Charles H. Spurgeon

“Like January weather,
The years will bite and smart,
And pull your bones together
To wrap your chattering heart.”
Dorothy Parker

Motivational January Quotes

The first month of the year,
A perfect time to start all over again,
Changing energies and deserting old moods,
New beginnings, new attitudes” Charmaine J Forde

“On the first of January let every man gird himself once more, with his face to the front, and take interest in the things that are and are to be, and not in the things that were and are past.” Henry Ward Beecher

“The first day of January always presents to my mind a train of very solemn and important reflections and a question more easily asked than answered frequently occurs viz: How have I improved the past year and with [what] good intentions do I view the dawn of its successor?” Charlotte Brontë

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” Edith Lovejoy Pierce

“New Year’s Day. A fresh start. A new chapter waiting to be written.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

January Blessings Quotes

I love beginnings. If I were in charge of calendars, every day would be January 1.” Jerry Spinelli

“I like starting projects in January. That’s the best time to start something. It’s so inward.” Carolyn Chute

January Blessings Quotes

“Hello, January, it’s a fresh start!”

“Hello, January, make my dreams come true.”

“I hope today is just the beginning of a beautiful year for you, happy Birthday!”

I met love, health, peace & joy, they needed a permanent place to stay. I gave them your address hope they arrived safely Happy 1st January.”

January Quotes and Poems

January Quotes and Poems

“To read a poem in January is as lovely as to go for a walk in June.” Jean Paul

“Snow is diamonds for a faery’s feet;
Blithely and bonnily she trips along,
Her lips a-carol with a merry song,
And in her eyes the meaning… Life is sweet!” Ruby Archer

“Married when the year is new,
He’ll be loving, kind and true . . .
Married in January’s roar and rime,
Widowed you’ll be before your prime.” New Zealand Proverb

Born in January Quotes

“If it were January all the year,
I wonder if I’d like it here,
Finding every place I go-
Snow, snow, always snow!” Annette Wynne

“Come melancholy Moralizer-come!
Gather with me the dark and wintry wreath;
With me engarland now
The SEPULCHRE OF TIME!” Robert Southey

“I’m January bringing you
A year of days-all brand, brand new;
I step upon the frosty ground.
When chimes and sleighbells ring around;
You welcome me and children sing,
And joy comes into everything.
I bring you love and lots of cheer,
And work and friends for all the year.” Annette Wynne

Born in January Quotes

“Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page. Take up one hole more in the buckle if necessary, or let down one, according to circumstances; but on the first of January let every man gird himself once more, with his face to the front, and take no interest in the things that were and are past.” Henry Ward Beecher

“All men are born equal but the best are born in January.”

“None of the legends sitting on top of the world were born there…instead they were happy to climb the success ladder.”

January 2021 Quotes

“Nobody is perfect but if you were born in January you’re pretty damn close.”

January 2021 Quotes

“Treat every day like it’s a new year because it is.”

“Dear world, I am excited to be alive in you, and I am thankful for another year.” Charlotte Eriksson

“Nature has undoubtedly mastered the art of winter gardening and even the most experienced gardener can learn from the unrestrained beauty around them.” Vincent A. Simeone

“January is here, with eyes that keenly glow,
A frost-mailed warrior
striding a shadowy steed of snow.” Edgar Fawcett

January Quotes Funny

“The Old Year has gone. Let the dead past bury its own dead. The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time. All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months!” Edward Payson Powell

January Quotes Funny

“It literally feels life January 74th.”

“I love beginnings. If I were in charge of calendars, every day would be January 1.”

“A man bought 12 flowers.
11 real and 1 fake.
He said, I will love you until the last flower dies.”

January Quotes For Bullet Journal

“Dear New Year’s Resolution,
Well, it was fun while it lasted.”

“I am doing dry January. Dry gin, dry white wine, dry martini.”

“I have just renamed ‘Dry January’ to ‘Dry January 1st’.”

“New year
New me ..
For approximately 2 weeks.”

“Happy January birthday to someone who deserves the highest caliber of regifted Christmas presents.”

Last Day of January Quotes

“This is last day of January. Goodbye January. Hello February!”

“Hooray, it is the last day of January. Only 48 days until Spring!”

“January 31
Last day of the month.
Lord, we pray that February and the rest of the month will be a month full of hope and blessings.”

Last Day of January Quotes

“Goodbye January!
Thanks for everything.
Hello February!
Let’s love and roll.”

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Everyday Life Quotes

December Quotes

December Quotes

The most cheerful month is here and there is huge hype of December over Instagram. From snow falling quotes, winter quotes, quotes about end of year to December Quotes are the ideal way to size every feeling in a message. If you want to use an amazing winter photo in start of your message, or you want to write a seasonal message for your family or friend, the following December Quotes are the perfect to use at EpicPharse

December Quotes

“I heard a bird sing in the dark of December. A magical thing. And sweet to remember. We are nearer to Spring than we were in September. I heard a bird sing in the dark of December.” Oliver Herford

“How did it get so late so soon?” Dr. Seuss

“It is growing cold. Winter is putting footsteps in the meadow. What whiteness boasts that sun that comes into this wood! One would say milk-colored maidens are dancing on the petals of orchids. How coldly burns our sun! One would say its rays of light are shards of snow, one imagines the sun lives upon a snow crested peak on this day. One would say she is a woman who wears a gown of winter frost that blinds the eyes. Helplessness has weakened me. Wandering has wearied my legs.” Roman Payne

“December’s wintery breath is already clouding the pond, frosting the pane, obscuring summer’s memory…” John Geddes A Familiar Rain

December Quotes

“There is October in every November and there is November in every December! All seasons melted in each other’s life!” Mehmet Murat ildan

“Colored lights blink on and off, racing across the green boughs. Their reflections dance across exquisite glass globes and splinter into shards against tinsel thread and garlands of metallic filaments that disappear underneath the other ornaments and finery.
Shadows follow, joyful, laughing sprites.
The tree is rich with potential wonder.
All it needs is a glance from you to come alive.” Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

“It was snowing. It was always snowing at Christmas. December, in my memory, is white as Lapland, though there were no reindeers. But there were cats.” Dylan Thomas, A Child’s Christmas in Wales

December Quotes 2021

“Someone asked me when is my birthday?
The poet inside me replied,
“My birthday is on the last day of the year,
It’s 31st December my dear!” Anamika Mishra

“The crisp path through the field in this December snow, in the deep dark, where we trod the buried grass like ghosts on dry toast.” Dylan Thomas, Quite Early One Morning: Stories

“May and October, the best-smelling months? I’ll make a case for December: evergreen, frost, wood smoke, cinnamon.” Lisa Kleypas, Love in the Afternoon

December Quotes 2021

“December’s immaculate coldness feels warm. December feels like blood.” Zinaida Gippius

“I’ve come to sing you a song called December.” Ryan Murphy, Down with the Ship

A desperate celebration of an end.” Chandrama Deshmukh, A Teaspoon Of Stars

Happy December Quotes

“I watched you storm towards the restaurant door. It was a chilly December morning and the birds sitting on the high wires in the neighborhood refused to fly any longer.” Malak El Halabi

“There’s something super special about December.” Charmaine J. Forde

“There was warmth in his large piercing brown eyes. The kind of warmth that tucks a child into bed. The same kind of warmth that dries your wet hair on a rainy December afternoon.” Malak El Halabi

“By December an elastic skin of ice reached out hundreds of miles into the sea, rolling with every wave.” Will Chancellor, A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall

“Christmas in Barbados
I miss being in Barbados in December,
That is a time I always remember,
The smell of varnish on the wooden floors
and the smell of paint on the wooden floors.
The smell of cloves as the ham was baked
And the smell of the rum in mother’s fruit cake
The smell of coconut as she bake de sweetbread,
And the smell of the cloth, as she made up de bed” CHARMAINE J FORDE

“I miss being in Barbados in December,
That is a time I always remember,
The smell of varnish on the wooden floors,
And the smell of paint on the wooden doors
The crowds in de Supermarket,
Buying up the rum,
And the music blasting
Puh rup a pum pum” Charmaine J Forde

“It was December, I had never felt so cold, the eel soup lay heavy on my stomach, I was afraid I’d die, I turned aside to vomit, I envied them.” Samuel Beckett, First Love and Other Novellas

December Quotes for Instagram

“We Indians have to keep aside our December for friends who’ve settled abroad.
Everyone is visiting. Everyone wants to party.” Nitya Prakash

“It is never over, though we are in December!” Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

“Christmastime was always my favorite time of year. It did something to me. It made me softer. More kindhearted. Not an affliction I fall prey to lately. But back then I loved the days leading up to Christmas almost as much as I loved the day itself.” Serena Valentino, Evil Thing

“December is the holdout month, all the others torn away.” Anne Gisleson, The Futilitarians: Our Year of Thinking, Drinking, Grieving, and Reading

“It is December, and nobody asked if I was ready.” Sarah Kay

“We go through Poseidon’s month.
Ponderous clouds sag with water
and furious storms break out
collapsing the rain earthward.” Anakreon

Happy December Quotes

“I blink January’s lashes
and gush down December’s cheeks” Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

“December, being the last month of the year, cannot help but make us think of what is to come.” Fennel Hudson, A Meaningful Life – Fennel’s Journal – No. 1

Hello December Quotes

“There must be something ghostly in the air of Christmas – something about the close, muggy atmosphere that draws up the ghosts, like the dampness of the summer rains brings out the frogs and snails.” Jerome K. Jerome, Told After Supper

“4 December. To die would mean nothing else than to surrender a nothing to the nothing, but that would be impossible to conceive, for how could a person, even only as a nothing, consciously surrender himself to the nothing, and not merely to an empty nothing but rather to a roaring nothing whose nothingness consists only in its incomprehensibility.” Franz Kafka

“Without Hope we live in desire.” Dante

“Hot cocoa and cold toes remind me of Christmas.” Toni Sorenson

“He had been walking for a long time, ever since dark in fact, and dark falls soon in December.
(“The Old House In Vauxhall Walk”)” Charlotte Riddell, Gaslit Nightmares: Stories by Robert W. Chambers, Charles Dickens, Richard Marsh, and Others

“…when I was a kid, Toronto streets were deserted and quiet on Sundays, except for the sound of church bells I stood on the sidewalk one December listening to the Christmas bells – I’ve never forgotten that moment…” John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

“Ur skins is so cold and dry….
Like u r also afraid so this coming December….. ??” Moaz Zulfiqar

Welcome December Quotes

“Michigan isn’t just cold in December; it’s artic.” Daniel Milstein, 17 Cents and a Dream

“He had waited a long time for this special December. Now that it was almost upon him, he wasn’t frightened, but he was . . . eager, he decided. He was eager for it to come. And he was excited, certainly. All of the Elevens were excited about the event that would be coming so soon.” Lois Lowry, Son

“Congregating power to leave u….. To control this love
But I always go back to December!!” Moaz Zulfiqar

“Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor
Eagerly I wished the morrow, – vainly I had sought to borrow
From my books surcease of sorrow – sorrow for the lost Lenore —
For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore -” Rao Umar Javed, A Painter, A Performer, A Poet and A Madman

“Wintry it ain’t- no complaints! Snowier: Storefronts are showier, light displays glowier. Shoppers are prowling, blizzard howling! Drifts a-heaping, lords a-leaping, Yule logs burning, gifts returning. Winds are keen for 2015!” The Old Farmer’s Alamanac

December Quotes for Instagram

“If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.”

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” Aristotle

Positive December Quotes

“May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.”

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

“The color of springtime is in the flowers; the color of winter is in the imagination.” Terri Guillemets

“Baby, it’s cold outside.”

“As we look to the new year, hold on to what is good. Let go of what is bad. It really is that simple.” Mandy Hale

“Let all the failures of your past year be your best guide in the New Year.” Mehmet Murat ildan

“Mankind is a great, an immense family. This is proved by what we feel in our hearts at Christmas.” Pope John XXIII

“Kindness is like snow-it beautifies everything it covers.” Kahlil Gibran

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.” Vern McLellan

Born in December Quotes

“Some people are worth melting for.” Frozen, Olaf

“Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration.” Anamika Mishra

“When snow falls, nature listens.” Antoinette van Kleef

Hello December Quotes & Welcome December Quotes

” December – Page 336 of 366″

” December – Chapter 12 of 12″

“Hello December, be kind to me.”

“Hello, December! Surprise me.”

“Hello, December! Be a good month.”

“Make it a December to remember.”

First Day of December Quotes

“Special people are born in December.”

“Keep calm and welcome December.”

“Goodbye November, Hello December!!!”

“Hello, the month of December is here.”

“Welcome, December. Be a lucky month.”

“Hello, December! Please be good to me.”

“Hello December, make my wishes come true.”

“December: Most beautiful time of the year.”

“Wishing everyone a blessed month of December. All the Best!!”

December Quotes

“Hello, December! You’re the last one so be the best one.”

“December: May this month bring you blessings, peace, love, and abundance.”

“Hello, December! Bring more happiness and peace in our lives.”

“Welcome, December! Wishing you a wonderful month filled with love and happiness.”

“When cool winds came all-around December of memories came. Happy December!”

“Bye November, thanks for the memories. Hi December, I look forward to making new ones.”

“Saying goodbye to November and hello December. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

“New month, new beginning, new mindset, new focus, new start, new intentions, new results. Welcome December!!!”

December Quotes 2021

“New month, new day, new date, new chapter, new page, new wishes. Welcome December!!!”

Positive December Quotes

“When December comes, can ‘The Nutcracker’ be far behind? No, it can’t – not in America, anyway.” – Robert Gottlieb

“Chill December brings the sleet, Blazing fire, and Christmas treat.” Sara Coleridge

“December drops no weak, relenting tear, By our fond Summer sympathies ensnared, Nor from the perfect circle of the year Can even Winter’s crystal gems be spared.” – Christopher Pearce Cranch

“When I was a child, my December weekends were spent making cards, decorating the tree, hanging the wreath and preparing brandy butter and peppermint creams.” – Pippa Middleton

Happy December Quotes

“Remember This December, That love weighs more than gold!” – Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

“In cold December fragrant chaplets blow, And heavy harvests nod beneath the snow.” – Alexander Pope

“The cold is coming. December’s winter solstice. Start of the season.” – Robert Pettit

“In a drear-nighted December, Too happy, happy brook, Thy bubblings ne’er remember Apollo’s summer look; But with a sweet forgetting, They stay their crystal fretting, Never, never petting About the frozen time.” – John Keats

“The sun that brief December day Rose cheerless over hills of gray, And, darkly circled, gave at noon A sadder light than waning moon.” – John Greenleaf Whittier

“Outside the house it was storming, a busy downfall of flakes that the wind blew lightly across acres of old snow left from December.” – Gladys Hasty Carroll

“Cold in the earth and fifteen wild Decembers, From those brown hills, have melted into spring.” – Emily Bronte

December Quotes for Instagram

“Will love be true as December frost, or fickle and fall like the rose in June?” – Clement Scott, “In Sight of Home,” c.1883

“If winter comes can spring be… We’re nearer to spring than we were in september, i heard a bird sing in the dark of december, january, febmar, aprimay, apricots, beneath the bough.” – Sylvia Plath, journal, 1953

“A bare tree stands with roots on both ends in December days.” – Kiran Bantawa, “Bare Trees”

“Roasting turkeys! Rich mince pies! Cakes of every shape and size!” – Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles LeCron, “December,” A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband with Bettina’s Best Recipes, 1917

“I wander forth this chill December dawn: John Frost and all his elves are out, I see, As busy as the elfin world can be, Clothing a world asleep with fleecy lawn.” -Robert Buchanan (1841-1901), “Snow”

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old, familiar carols play, And wild and sweet the words repeat Of peace on earth, good-will to men!” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Hello December Quotes

“The gardening season officially begins on January 1st, and ends on December 31.” – Marie Huston

Born in December Quotes

“Only special people manage to celebrate their Birthday and Christmas together. Many blessings for next year! Wishes for December on your special day.”

“Wishing your day is full of love, joy, cake, balloons, candy canes, and snowmen! Happy December birthday!”

“I hope your Birthday is happy and full of surprises, pleasures, and fun!”

“Spend your fame; save your money. That is my birthday advice gift that celebrities like you need to remember.”

Welcome December Quotes

“Thank you for being a wonderful person and an inspiration. Happy Birthday!”

“Wishing you a happy birthday, may you have a life full of love and joy, and blessed life.”

“May your day be filled with joy, life, happiness, and chocolate. Happy Birthday!”

“I wish you a wonderful birthday! I h0pe you have an amazing and fun day! Enjoy this day. You deserve it!”

“I wish you a wonderful birthday, a Blessed Christmas, and a happy new year!”

“Happy Birthday to the most beautiful person I know inside and out! Gray hairs come and go, but a sweet spirit is here to stay.”

“It only happened to wish you a special day in every way like you. Happy Birthday. Wishes for December.”

“Happy Birthday. Just one more year and you will be perfect. Yes, I said it last year. May you keep them a happy, dear friend.”

Positive December Quotes

“This time we bring you some beautiful birthday wishes that will help you share a beautiful greeting during the birthdays of your contacts.”

“Many of us have many contacts on social networks, so almost daily, we receive birthday notifications, but we don’t have time to write a message for each of those people, although they deserve a greeting from us.”

“Happy Birthday, I h0pe you have a good day! You were, you are, and you will be the joy of all your loved ones. ”

“You are a great person, and at least you deserve a spectacular party to celebrate your Birthday. I wish you a lot of happiness!” »

“We are all happy that this beautiful day has arrived. I wish you thousands of congratulations and that all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday!” »

“Happy Birthday, dear friend! May this day be the brightest you had during the year, have a great time, and receive many beautiful gifts. ”

“Download the best birthday greeting cards for Facebook Happy Birthday to your Facebook friends:”

“My friend, from far away I send you a big hug and a lot of happiness on your Birthday. May God give you more years of life so that all your dreams come true. ”

Born in December Quotes

“Birthday is a celebration that is celebrated only once a year, so you can’t refuse to celebrate it with all of us at a fun party. My best wishes to you today and forever!” »

“Congratulations on this amazing day! Have fun with your loved ones. Happy Birthday!”

First Day of December Quotes

“Happy December! If you don’t like the colder weather, just wrap yourself up in the Christmas spirit.”

“Happy first day of December, everyone. May you enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.”

“Hope you all make this a December to remember. Happy Holidays!”

First Day of December Quotes

“Happy December, everyone! May your days be merry and bright.”

“Wishing you a joyful December. May the Christmas spirit be with you the whole month through.”

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Happy December!”

“Happy first day of December! As the weather turns colder, may your hearts be warmed by thoughts of Christmas and time spent with loved ones.”

“Wishing you a magical, magnificent, and merry month of December!”

“Baby, it’s cold outside. Happy December, everyone!”

“Have a glorious December and a wonderful holiday season.”

“Happy December, everybody! I hope your holiday season is full of peace, joy, and love.”

December Quotes

“Happy first day of December. Remember: It’s never too early to get in the Christmas spirit.”

“Hello, snow. Hello, mistletoe. Hello, December!”

“Have yourself a merry little month of December!”

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October Quotes

October Quotes

In October, the summer is almost over, and now you start thinking about winter season. Also people start buying winter wears, such as sweater, boots etc. The trees also start falling the leaves and they change their colors. It is also pumpkin season and there are many social activities such as Halloween day, the candy, DIY Halloween costumes and pumpkin decoration. October Quotes

Do you need a great inspiration for October and its activities? Check out most interesting October Quotes here at Epicphrase.

October Quotes

“October, baptize me with leaves! Swaddle me in corduroy and nurse me with split pea soup. October, tuck tiny candy bars in my pockets and carve my smile into a thousand pumpkins. O autumn! O teakettle! O grace!” Rainbow Rowell , Attachments

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

“There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir: We must rise and follow her, When from every hill of flame She calls, and calls each vagabond by name.” William Bliss

“First of all, it was October, a rare month for boys.” Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes

October Quotes

“He had never liked October. Ever since he had first lay in the autumn leaves before his grandmother’s house many years ago and heard the wind and saw the empty trees. It had made him cry, without a reason. And a little of that sadness returned each year to him. It always went away with spring.

But, it was a little different tonight. There was a feeling of autumn coming to last a million years.

There would be no spring. (“The October Game”)” Ray Bradbury, Long After Midnight

“The wind outside nested in each tree, prowled the sidewalks in invisible treads like unseen cats.
Tom Skelton shivered. Anyone could see that the wind was a special wind this night, and the darkness took on a special feel because it was All Hallows’ Eve. Everything seemed cut from soft black velvet or gold or orange velvet. Smoke panted up out of a thousand chimneys like the plumes of funeral parades. From kitchen windows drifted two pumpkin smells: gourds being cut, pies being baked.” Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree

“I remember it as October days are always remembered, cloudless, maple-flavored, the air gold and so clean it quivers.” Leif Enger, Peace Like a River

October Quotes for Instagram

“Chicago is an October sort of city even in spring.” Nelson Algren, Chicago: City on the Make

“October proved a riot a riot to the senses and climaxed those giddy last weeks before Halloween.” Keith Donohue

“The crickets still sing in October. And lilly, she’s trying to bloom. Tho she’s resting her head on the shoulder of death, she still shines by the light of the moon.” Kevin Dalton – Faubush Hill

“The last dying days of summer, fall coming on fast. A cold night, the first of the season, a change from the usual bland Maryland climate. Cold, thought the boy; his mind felt numb. The trees he could see through his bedroom window were tall charcoal sticks, shivering, afraid of the wind or only trying to stand against it. Every tree was alone out there. The animals were alone, each in its hole, in its thin fur, and anything that got hit on the road tonight would die alone. Before morning, he thought, its blood would freeze in the cracks of the asphalt.” Poppy Z. Brite

October Quotes for Instagram

“October had tremendous possibility. The summer’s oppressive heat was a distant memory, and the golden leaves promised a world full of beautiful adventures. They made me believe in miracles.” Sarah Guillory, Reclaimed

“She raised a sharp eyebrow at him. “Vlad, no offense, but look at you. If you’re not a vampire, you’re clearly the most anemic goth I’ve ever seen.”… “We believed you. Because that’s what friends do.”
pg267 October to Vlad” Heather Brewer, Twelfth Grade Kills

“Nobody moved.

Everybody sat in the dark cellar, suspended in the suddenly frozen task of this October game; the wind blew outside, banging the house, the smell of pumpkins and apples filled the room with smell of the objects in their fingers while one boy cried,“I’ll go upstairs and look!” and he ran upstairs hopefully and out around the house, four times around the house, calling,“Marion, Marion, Marion!” over and over and at last coming slowly down the stairs into the waiting breathing cellar and saying to the darkness,“I can’t find her.”

Then… some idiot turned on the lights.
(“The October Game”)” Ray Bradbury, Long After Midnight

“It must be October, the trees are falling away and showing their true colors.” Charmaine J Forde

October Quotes 2021

“Ah, Lovely October, as you usher in the season that awakens my soul, your awesome beauty compels my spirit to soar like an leaf caught in an autumn breeze and my heart to sing like a heavenly choir.” Peggy Toney Horton

“October is a fine and dangerous season in America. It is dry and cool and the land is wild with red and gold and crimson, and all the lassitudes of August have seeped out of your blood, and you are full of ambition. It is a wonderful time to begin anything at all. You go to college, and every course in the catalogue looks wonderful. The names of the subjects all seem to lay open the way to a new world. Your arms are full of new, clean notebooks, waiting to be filled. You pass the doors of the library, and the smell of thousands of well-kept books makes your head swim with a clean and subtle pleasure.” Thomas Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain

October Quotes 2021

“This tree must be falling for me, as soon as I sat under it, it dropped its leaves.
Oh sweet October!” Charmaine J Forde

“For some, Halloween isn’t just a holiday; it’s a lifestyle, a season. Being spooky and dressing in your favorite horror movie tees and collecting everything jack-o’-lantern and Halloween has become a normal thing for a lot of people. You can’t do that for any other holiday. Every day is Christmas?—wouldn’t work. It would be really weird to see someone walking around with a snowman shirt and a pair of elf ears in July. Either that person really enjoys Christmas or he or she is on a bad trip.” E. Reyes, Devil’s Hill: An Anthology

“October 2020 was by far the most interesting time of President Trump’s time in office.” Steven Magee

Happy October Quotes

“There’s this smell that only exists in
Milwaukee in October. The thin smoky jet of laundry after the rain. Wet leaves half-drying, half getting wet again. Open PBR cans,
cigarettes, leather. A mix of youth and nostalgia, of losing something
as you’re living it. The feeling, both terrifying and comforting, that life would always
be exactly like this.” Zhanna Slor

“Fall comes with different colors to challenge a green Summer” Neamat Alishiryan

“The north wind roaring down in October is cruel and cold and reminds you again — as the sea has a way of doing — that nature does not care for man. And somehow that makes the red and yellow leaves and the blue, deceptive noons all the sweeter and more precious because living is so dangerous and so short and can be so bitter.” Elliott Merrick, Green Mountain Farm

Happy October Quotes

“There is October in every November and there is November in every December! All seasons melted in each other’s life!” Mehmet Murat ildan

“It takes a strong man to be with a woman full of fire and stars and all of October.” Melody Lee

October Quotes and Poems

“The dust was antique spice, burnt maple leaves, a prickling blue that teemed and sifted to earth. Swarming its own shadows, the dust filtered over the tents.” Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes

“I wish that every day was Saturday and every month was October.” Charmaine J. Forde

“Let the leaves fall where they may-
Welcome October-
Autumn is here” Charmaine J Forde

“He loved October. Had always loved it. There was something sad and beautiful about it – the ending and beginning of things.” Jacqueline Woodson, If You Come Softly

“A thousand happy moments succumbed to history. It was the happiest hour of the year, worst time of our lives. I can still smell the ruins from that cold dark brute stormy October night.” Parul Wadhwa, The Masquerade

“purple threaded evening. a torn goddess laying on the roof. milk sky. lavender hued moan against hot asphalt. the thickness of evening presses into your throat. polaroids taped to the ceiling. ivy pouring out of the cracks in the wall. i found my courage buried beneath molding books and forgot to lock the door behind me. the old house never forgets. opened my mouth and a dandelion fell out. reached behind my wisdom teeth and found sopping wet seeds. pulled all of my teeth out just to say i could. he drowned himself in a pill bottle and the orange really brought out his demise. lay me down on a bed of ground spices. there’s a song there, i know it. amethyst geode eyes. cracked open. no one saw it coming.
october never loved you.
the moon still doesn’t understand that.” Taylor Rhodes, calloused: a field journal

“The wind grew cold. The leaves turned red. The bark turned red. The soil turned red. The stars turned red. Something was wrong with October.” T.R. Darling

October Quotes Inspirational

“You don’t waste October sunshine. Soon the old autumn sun would bed down in cloud blankets and there would be weeks of gray rain before it finally decided to snow.” Katherine Arden, Small Spaces

“The sky grew orange and pink, a pale ghost of the full moon appeared above Salem, waiting to glow brilliant in the velvet black hiding just beyond the twilight.” Amber Newberry, One Night in Salem

“October made the leaves on Main Street fit for a crown. They dripped from the trees in jewel-toned shades: yellow and orange and fiery red. The cool wind sent a confetti-cluster of leaves down around us.” Natalie Lloyd, Over the Moon

“Although I was born in April, I’m quite certain I was not fully awake until October~” Peggy Toney Horton, Stop the World and Get Off

Born in October Quotes

“We were letting go of October, relinquishing color,
readying ourselves for streets lacquered with ice,
the town closed like a walnut, locked inside the cold.” Mark Perlberg, The Impossible Toystore

“When I look at a pumpkin muffin, I see the brilliant orange glow of a sugar maple in its full autumnal glory. I see the crisp blue sky of October, so clear and restorative and reassuring. I see hayrides, and I feel Halloween just around the corner, kids dressed up in homemade costumes, bobbing for apples and awaiting trick or treat. I think of children dressed as Pilgrims in a pre-school parade, or a Thanksgiving feast, the bounty of harvest foods burdening a table with its goodness. I picture pumpkins at a farmer’s market, piled happy and high, awaiting a new home where children will carve them into scary faces or mothers will bake them into a pie or stew.” Jenny Gardiner, Slim to None

“A boy who loved Autumn.
A girl who was forever October.” Nitya Prakash

“This is October for me: Withdrawing into my own world, blocking out everything except the beauty of the season, my reflections and my relationship with God, I find that this is enough to sustain me through the long, cold, winter – and beyond…” Peggy Toney Horton, Somewhere in Heaven My Mother Is Smiling

“I keep falling in love with October,
Over and over again!” Charmaine J. Forde

October Quotes For Birthday

“I am falling for you sweet October” CHARMAINE J FORDE

“In October I confessed my love for her, and she allowed me to kiss her.” Ivan Bunin, The Collected Stories

“The revolutionaries want a new country in a new world, one they cannot see but believe they can build. And they believe that in so doing, the builders will also build themselves anew.” China Miéville

“October has broken my heart before…” Nitya Prakash

October Blessings Quotes

“He had revealed the morbid psychology of the mind which has attained the October of its sensations, recounted the symptoms of souls summoned by grief and licensed by spleen, and shown the increasing decay of impressions while the enthusiasms and beliefs of youth are enfeebled and the only thing remaining is the arid memories of miseries borne, intolerances endured and affronts suffered by intelligences oppressed by a ridiculous destiny.” Huysmans Joris-Karl, Against the Grain

“Twilight, even remembered twilight, is better than no light at all.” China Miéville

October Quotes and Poems


O love, turn from the changing sea and gaze,
Down these grey slopes, upon the year grown old,
A-dying ‘mid the autumn-scented haze
That hangeth o’er the hollow in the wold,
Where the wind-bitten ancient elms infold
Grey church, long barn, orchard, and red-roofed stead,
Wrought in dead days for men a long while dead.

Come down, O love; may not our hands still meet,
Since still we live today, forgetting June,
Forgetting May, deeming October sweet? –
– Oh, hearken! hearken! through the afternoon
The grey tower sings a strange old tinkling tune!
Sweet, sweet, and sad, the toiling year’s last breath,
To satiate of life, to strive with death.

And we too -will it not be soft and kind,
That rest from life, from patience, and from pain,
That rest from bliss we know not when we find,
That rest from love which ne’er the end can gain?
– Hark! how the tune swells, that erewhile did wane!
Look up, love! -Ah! cling close, and never move!
How can I have enough of life and love?” William Morris


Pale amber sunlight falls across
The reddening October trees,
That hardly sway before a breeze
As soft as summer: summer’s loss
Seems little, dear! on days like these.

Let misty autumn be our part!
The twilight of the year is sweet:
Where shadow and the darkness meet
Our love, a twilight of the heart
Eludes a little time’s deceit.

Are we not better and at home
In dreamful Autumn, we who deem
No harvest joy is worth a dream?
A little while and night shall come,
A little while, then, let us dream.

Beyond the pearled horizons lie
Winter and night: awaiting these
We garner this poor hour of ease,
Until love turn from us and die
Beneath the drear November trees.” Ernest Dowson, The Poems and Prose of Ernest Dowson

October Quotes

in October,
as fat as the full moon,
they sit on our doorstep at night
and glow.” Richelle E. Goodrich, Being Bold: Quotes, Poetry, & Motivations for Every Day of the Year


Leaves descending to the ground,
Orange, magenta, green & brown
The cool crisp breezes in the air,
Autumn season must be here” Charmaine J Forde

“II’m falling in love with the vibrant colors as the leaves transform,
I’m falling in love with the smell of spiced pumpkin cakes, pies and cookies,
I’m falling in love with the cold October rain,
I’m falling in love with October again and again.” Charmaine J Forde

“I long for the days
Of pumpkins and ghosts;

When the dead use homes
And people as hosts.” E. Reyes, Devil’s Hill: An Anthology

“May you Fall in love with October
and all the beauty it brings,
May your life be as colorful as
the turning of the leaves,
On each blessed autumn day” Charmaine J. Forde

October Quotes for Instagram

“October approached.

Nervously, the monsters eyed the calendar between news reports.

Were they scary enough?

The bar was getting a little high.” James Mark Miller

“Poem in October”

It was my thirtieth year to heaven
Woke to my hearing from harbour and neighbour wood
And the mussel pooled and the heron
Priested shore
The morning beckon
With water praying and call of seagull and rook
And the knock of sailing boats on the net webbed wall
Myself to set foot
That second
In the still sleeping town and set forth.

My birthday began with the water-
Birds and the birds of the winged trees flying my name
Above the farms and the white horses
And I rose
In rainy autumn
And walked abroad in a shower of all my days.
High tide and the heron dived when I took the road
Over the border
And the gates
Of the town closed as the town awoke.

A springful of larks in a rolling
Cloud and the roadside bushes brimming with whistling
Blackbirds and the sun of October
On the hill’s shoulder,
Here were fond climates and sweet singers suddenly
Come in the morning where I wandered and listened
To the rain wringing
Wind blow cold
In the wood faraway under me.

Pale rain over the dwindling harbour
And over the sea wet church the size of a snail
With its horns through mist and the castle
Brown as owls
But all the gardens
Of spring and summer were blooming in the tall tales
Beyond the border and under the lark full cloud.
There could I marvel
My birthday
Away but the weather turned around.

It turned away from the blithe country
And down the other air and the blue altered sky
Streamed again a wonder of summer
With apples
Pears and red currants
And I saw in the turning so clearly a child’s
Forgotten mornings when he walked with his mother
Through the parables
Of sun light
And the legends of the green chapels

And the twice told fields of infancy
That his tears burned my cheeks and his heart moved in mine.
These were the woods the river and sea
Where a boy
In the listening
Summertime of the dead whispered the truth of his joy
To the trees and the stones and the fish in the tide.
And the mystery
Sang alive
Still in the water and singingbirds.

And there could I marvel my birthday
Away but the weather turned around. And the true
Joy of the long dead child sang burning
In the sun.
It was my thirtieth
Year to heaven stood there then in the summer noon
Though the town below lay leaved with October blood.
O may my heart’s truth
Still be sung
On this high hill in a year’s turning.” Dylan Thomas, Collected Poems

October Quotes 2021

“And I rose
In a rainy autumn
And walked abroad in shower of all my days
High tide and the heron dived when I took the road
Over the border
And the gates
Of the town closed as the town awoke.” Dylan Thomas

“October Fire

In the churchyard, flames, the Burning Bush,
a maple touched to fire, by autumn fanned.
Were I possessed as Moses was, the hush
might speak, Jehovah’s voice resound.I stand
uncertain, questions wrinkling my face:
Should I kneel, is this some holy ground?
Or is it just the usual for this place
that maples turn, a season come around?
And as I ponder, November rain
gathers wind from lowering eastern skies
to strip the maple of its leaves.The stain
of scarlet filters down before my eyes.
I wait too long; I watch the moment pass
till only ashes stir upon the grass.” Bettie M. Sellers

“Each October I walk into the woods
looking for bones: rabbit skulls,
a grackle spine, the pelvis of a deer
with the blood bleached out. What died
in the lush of roses and mint
shines out from the tangle of twigs
that bind it to the place
of its last leaping. The living lack
that kind of clarity. In late April,
when the water spreads out and out
till everything is lilies and seepage,
there is only the mystery of tracks,
a rustle receding in the many reeds.
And so the bones accumulate
across my windowsill: the flightless
wings and exaggerated grins,
the silent unmoving reminders
of where the glories of April lead.” Charles Rafferty, Where the Glories of April Lead

Happy October Quotes

October Quotes Inspirational

“October was always the least dependable of months … full of ghosts and shadows.” Joy Fielding

“In the entire circle of the year there are no days so delightful as those of a fine October.” Alexander Smith

“The end of the summer is not the end of the world.” Here’s to October… – A.A. Milne

October Quotes and Poems

“Let’s spark up October and make it better than September.” unknown

“The clear light that belongs to October was making the landscape radiant.” Florence Bone

“There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

“In October, a maple tree before your window lights up your room like a great lamp. Even on cloudy days, its presence helps to dispel the gloom.” John Burroughs

“All things on earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travellers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken. ”

“What could be more exciting than an October day? It’s your birthday, Fourth of July and Christmas all rolled into one.” Peggy Toney Horton

“October is crisp days and cool nights, a time to curl up around the dancing flames and sink into a good book.” John Sinor

October Quotes Inspirational

“October is a symphony of permanence and change.” Bonaro W. Overstreet

“October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen. It is the distant hills once more in sight, and the enduring constellations above them once again.” Hal Borland

“I have been younger in October than in all the months of spring.” W. S. Merwin- Henry Ward Beecher

“October is the opal month of the year. It is the month of glory, of ripeness. It is the picture-month.”

Born in October Quotes

“October turned my maple’s leaves to gold; The most are gone now; here and there one lingers; Soon these will slip from out the twig’s weak hold, Like coins between a dying miser’s fingers.”Thomas Bailey Aldrich

“You ought to know that October is the first Spring month.” Karel Capek

Born in October Quotes and October Quotes For Birthday

“Happy birthday October! Wishing you a wonderful birthday blast and an amazing year.”

“Let me count one to ten. And I will sing you a happy birthday on the 10th month of the year.”

“September has end and now is the first day of your month long celebration. Wait for surprises.”

October Quotes For Birthday

“I would like to make a toast for this girl who gives us strength. Happy birthday October!”

“The wind of October is getting colder and stronger. I’ll greet you a warm happy birthday.”

“My gift is on its way. Just wait for it sweetie. Happy birthday October!” Continue to give joy.

“Let your inner and outer beauty captivate all the gems on Earth because you deserve it today!”

“Those who conquer the past ten months, it’s time for you to celebrate your special day.”

“Those who are born on October are fearless and independent. I am happy you’re one of them.”

“Happy birthday October! May you have a great and joyous birthday!” More birthdays to come.

“May you have a wonderful birthday! Make every single bit of your day memorable.”

October Blessings Quotes

“You’ve waited ten months to finally claim to the world that every year is a blessing.” October Quotes

“May you gather joy, love and friendship to your special day. Happiest birthday to you.” October Quotes

“On your special day, I want to treat you special things. Happy birthday October!” October Quotes

“October is my favorite month. Because my favorite girl came into my life. Happy birthday.”October Quotes

October Quotes

“As the end of the year getting closer, my love and care for you will always remain.” October Quotes

October Blessings Quotes

“After the keen still days of September, the October sun filled the world with mellow warmth. The maple tree in front of the doorstep burned like a gigantic red torch. The oaks along the roadway glowed yellow and bronze. The fields stretched like a carpet of jewels, emerald and topaz and garnet. Everywhere she walked the color shouted and sang around her. In October any wonderful unexpected thing might be possible.” Elizabeth George Speare

“Ah, September. You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul but I must confess that I love you only because you are a prelude to my beloved October.” Peggy Toney Horton

“The fallen leaves in the forest seemed to make even the ground glow and burn with light.” Malcolm Lowry

“October’s Party, October gave a party. The leaves by hundreds came. The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples and leaves of every name. The Sunshine spread a carpet and everything was grand, Miss Weather led the dancing, Professor Wind the band.” George Cooper

“October’s poplars are flaming torches lighting the way to winter.” Nova Bair

“October knew, of course, that the action of turning a page, of ending a chapter or shutting a book, did not end the tale. Having admitted that, he would also avow that happy endings were never difficult to find. It is simply a matter, he explained to April, of finding a sunny place in a garden, where the light is golden and the grass is soft, somewhere to rest, to stop reading, and to be content.” Neil Gaiman

“O suns and skies and clouds of June, and flowers of June together, ye cannot rival for one hour October’s bright blue weather.” Helen Hunt Jackson

“October’s foliage yellows with his cold.” John Ruskin

“The sweet calm sunshine of October, now warms the low spot; upon its grassy mould the purple oak-leaf falls; the birchen bough drops its bright spoil like arrow-heads of gold.” William Cullen Bryant

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

“O hushed October morning mild, begin the hours of this day slow. Make the day seem to us less brief.” Robert Frost

“October is a hallelujah, reverberating in my body year-round.” John Nichols

“Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.” Carol Bishop Hipps

“And close at hand, the basket stood with nuts from brown October’s wood.” John Greenleaf Whittier

“You know, people talk about this being an uncertain time. You know, all time is uncertain. I mean, it was uncertain back in – in 2007, we just didn’t know it was uncertain. It was – uncertain on September 10th, 20It was uncertain on October 18th, 1987, you just didn’t know it.” Warren Buffett

“People have come to me for my opinion since ‘October Baby.’ But, hey, look, I’m an actor who is very fortunate to be in a movie that’s making wonderful noise, and hopefully helping parents and children to be a little closer. Leave me alone. I’m not talking about politics. I’m just trying to have a conversation with my own kids.” John Schneider

“Here comes October. My favorite month.”

“I didn’t realize it was October until I saw the Chicago Cubs choking.” Jay Leno

“My mother, in the last years of her life, became very negative, and it’s hard to listen. I remember one day, I said to her, ‘It’s October 1 today,’ and she said, ‘I know, isn’t it dreadful?’ It’s hard to listen when somebody’s that negative.” Julian Treasure

“I’d like to record somewhere really different. Rent a really big house and get a mobile in and set up in the dining room. Maybe New England. It’d be nice in September or October.” Robert Smith

“Finally. October is here. Oh I have missed you, my birth month.” October Quotes

“Oh, hazy month of glowing trees, and colors rich to charm our eyes. Yet not less fair than all of these are Mother’s fragrant pumpkin pies.” Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles LeCron

“Hello October, I’ve missed you.” October Quotes

“Listen. The wine is rising and the air is wild with leaves. We have had our summer evenings, now for October Eves.” October Quotes

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